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My name is Cody and I'm 20 years old. Get at me.
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    This is adorable and precisely where my hand goes when cuddling. Even if we’re spooning. “Here, I’ll be the big spoon. You just lie right here and let me wrap you up and hold you in my arms” and then my hand is cupping a boob. I can’t help it.

    Nothing wrong with cupping a boob

    If I may interject my own thoughts, when you are sleeping with someone you love, ANY chance to touch, hold, or press against him/her provides a feeling of peace and satisfaction that simply does not correspond to either the Tumblr desire profile or the Hallmark smarmy profile. It just feels RIGHT. It feels like things are as they SHOULD be. You don’t need pictures, reminders, poems, cards, or ANYTHING. BEING in THAT MOMENT is all that matters. Even if it is in the middle of the night and the other person has no idea, the peace and happiness you find in that moment will be a benchmark in the future. Objects of desire and lust are NOT the end you seek. And when you DO find that end, YOU will know. And nothing anyone says, writes, or posts will change how you feel!

    Wow ! So well said. Right on

    Oh geez

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